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Welcome to the learning center. Watch the 30-minute quick start video or access one of our many tutorials to get the most out of Webaptive CMS and Perfigure Web Intelligence System.

Quick Start Video

Webaptive's unique CMS as a service architecture allows you to upgrade your existing or new ASP .Net application from having limited or no CMS functionality to taking advantage of a full set of content management options using only UI-driven configuration. This quick-start video starts off with an ASP .Net starter kit sample site and adds CMS functionality, allowing a non-technical user to edit content and create new pages using existing ASP .Net pages as templates. It demonstrates how you can accomplish this in less than 30 minutes without the need to use any third-party APIs or risk vendor lock-in by having to build your web pages using third-party controls.


Learn more about Webaptive's many features in the tutorials below. For a full list click here.

Configure Web Site

Webaptive's ground-breaking architecture lets you CMS-enable ASP.net websites/applications simply by following some the basic configuration steps described in this tutorial.

Configure Web Page

Webaptive lets you create templates out of any existing ASP .Net web page without having to embed third-party controls or make any other changes to the page itself. Content and properties of most ASP .Net web (Literal, Panel ,etc.) and HTML Controls (DIV, P, SPAN, etc. with "runat" attribute set to "server") can be managed through Webaptive CMS. To configure a web page for the first time, follow the steps described in this tutorial.

Edit Content

After the web page is configured, the elements that were CMS-enabled can be edited. The page will first have to be checked out. This tutorial describes how the various types of elements and content types can be edited using Webaptive.

Create New Page/Posting

Webaptive gives you three options when registering a web page. A web page can be configured as not being a template, as an internal template or as a dynamic template. New postings can be created for both internal and dynamic postings. Learn more about these options in this tutorial.

Navigation Controls

Webaptive lets you create a wide range of highly customized navigation menus and lists. Webaptive supports three types of navigation controls: menus, breadcrumbs and lists. This tutorial describes how to add these to your web page.

Dynamic Content Inheritance

Dynamic Content Inheritance is a powerful feature that lets you centralize management of content, making it significantly easier to maintain a consistent look and feel, and boosting productivity. Learn how content and security inherits from the site master page and down every node in this tutorial.

Style Sheet/CSS Management

The ability to create and manage style sheets and style rules is critical to creating user-friendly and nice-looking websites. Webaptive comes with some of the best tools in the industry to help manage style sheets. Learn more about them in this tutorial.
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