Webaptive Perfigure Web Intelligence System (beta)

Perfonic Web Intelligence System

Perfigure is tightly integrated with Webaptive, letting you go from creating content to analyzing user behavior and user experience. Perfigure is a hosted service, so you don't have deal with hosting a resource-intensive process in house.

Perfigure offers a rich set of web traffic reports and campaign reports, and can track your sales and tie them to your campaigns. Perfigure's user experience monitoring tracks real user experience on your website, like page load time and exceptions. Perfigure tracks visitors on your website to give you a true real-world perspective of your website's performance much more realistically than running recorded scripts from data centers. Perfigure's exception monitoring tracks errors in real time and records what the visitor did on your site prior to the error, thus saving you countless hours recreating and fixing those errors.

Feature List

Integrated With Webaptive CMS

Even the best analytic reports are not very helpful if the report is hard to read. Knowing that "ACME Glue" was visited 5,432 times and added to cart 1,003 times is a lot more informative than "product.aspx?pid=342we3." Since postings are created within Webaptive and that information is automatically sent to Perfigure, the reports you get use the same names as the pages. Webaptive also lets you configure complex attributes for pages, like order confirmation, to get sales information to Perfigure without writing even one line of code.

Hosted Solution

Analyzing every click by every visitor to your site and coming up with useful reports is an intensive process. Perfigure is a hosted solution,  so your IT department doesn't have to invest time and resources to get you the analytics you need.

User Behavior and User Experience Monitoring

Here's an example: A marketing analyst was baffled by higher-than-normal bounce rate on a certain page. What was not known was that the load time on that page was more than 5 seconds for 30% of visitors with low bandwidth because of a heavy image. To find that, the bounce rate has to be known, as well as how much time the page is taking to load for every segment of users (not just averages). Perfigure gives you both these sets of data in one place. Learn the behavior of visitors on your site, how their experience is on your site and how one affects the other. 

Real World Data

You may think that the easiest way to get performance reports is by running recording and running scripts from data centers, a service many vendors provide. That approach has a few flaws. First is that pinging from data centers, even geographically distributed data centers, is never going to match real traffic patterns. It will also never be able to tell you that a page is slow for the 30% of visitors in the example above. Perfigure analyzes experience of actual visitors on your web site and gives you a true picture of their experience. This approach also does not generate junk data in transactional systems and is more resilient than scripts, which tend to break even with minor changes to the aspx page (e.g., viewstate errors). 

Traffic Analysis

Get insights into traffic patterns, page views, click, bounce rates and other essential traffic analytics.

Campaign Analysis

View KPIs of campaigns created within Webaptive, and maximize your campaign investment by making adjustments to your campaigns using near real time data from Perfigure.

E-commerce Analysis

Get reports on various e-commerce aspects of your web site, like product views, abandonment rates and sales. Maximize your sales by featuring products with top add to cart rates on your website ... and the best part is you could make these changes instantly with Webaptive.

Site Performance Monitoring

Ensuring your web pages are performing well for all your site visitors is critical in making sure they keep coming back. Perfigure analyzes how much time web pages take to load on visitors' browsers to give you an accurate picture of how pages on your web site are performing. A lot of details could be lost in averages, and Perfigure's full spectrum report breaks down how the web page is performing for every segment of your users. A page with heavy graphic or a transaction page with deadlocking issues could load optimally for 80% of your visitors but badly for 15% and very badly for 5%. Knowing this data is critical in ensuring that all your visitors have a good experience.

Exception Diagnostics

Most web sites have some form of logging that logs every error and some information on what went wrong. But that information alone could make it at times impossible to reproduce and fix an error. Perfigure's real-time exception diagnostics not only capture what happened on the server but everything the user did on your site prior to the error, including every page they visited, every button they clicked and any previous errors they might have encountered. This data can prove invaluable in finding and fixing errors in enterprise web applications.

* Perfigure is currently in beta and offered free to our customer. Only Webaptive CMS enabled pages can be tracked using Perfigure, we very much appreciate interest from non Webaptive users and have plans for a stand alone solution so stay tuned.
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