Webaptive Content Management System

Content Management System

Webaptive's CMS.Now functionality, built upon its CMS as a service architecture, allows you to plug a rich set of content management functionality in to your existing or new application without having to master a third-party SDK. Gain all the benefits of using a traditional SDK-based CMS solution without the added development overhead or vendor lock-in risk arising out of building web pages using third-party controls. Webaptive's unique approach offers the lowest implementation costs and fastest time to market, giving your marketing team the tools they need now to stay ahead.

Easy to implement does not mean compromising on features. Webaptive is a full-featured CMS system, and its tight integration with Perfigure (beta) , our hosted web analytics and user experience monitoring system, provides you with an end-to-end solution. You could go from having limited to no CMS functionality to taking advantage of a full-featured CMS system, even within an existing web site, within minutes! Learn how in this quick start video.

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Webaptive Perfigure Web Intelligence System (beta)

Perfonic  Web Intelligence System
Perfigure is tightly integrated with Webaptive, letting you go from creating content to analyzing user behavior and user experience. Perfigure is a hosted service, so you don't have deal with hosting a resource-intensive process in house. 

Perfigure offers a rich set of web traffic reports and campaign reports, and can track your sales and tie them to your campaigns. Perfigure's user experience monitoring tracks real user experiences on your website, like page load time and exceptions. Perfigure tracks visitors on your website to give you a true real-world perspective of your website's performance - much more realistic than running recorded scripts from data centers. Perfigure's exceptional monitoring tracks errors in real time and records what the visitor did on your site prior to the error, saving you countless hours recreating and fixing errors.

(Perfigure is currently in beta and offered free to our customer.)

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